How do I use DatMan?

All actions are running within Excel. After the Login you will see the user and role based navigation. Reading and editing of data is executed in stream lined dialogs.



Edit data

What is DatMan?

With DatMan you can use Excel without expert knowledge. Additional functions will ease your work. How does this work?

All of your Excel tables will be stored centrally and a common data format will be established. We will develop a data model with which your optimised way of working will start. 

You cann access the application and data via Internet. It is quite simple: You can continue to use Excel without the need to install and learn another applicaton. Access to other systems (e.g. Mail, SAP, Salesforce, ...) is running on the server in the background.

Which applications can be run with DatMan?

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Offers
  • Supplier Invoice Tracking
  • Master Data Management
  • Activity and Performance Planning
  • Consolidation
  • In Market Sales (IMS)
  • Time Recording and Reporting
  • Customer Business Plans
  • Workflows
  • Customer and Price Management
  • SAP Interfaces
  • Automatic Word Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Mail Templating
  • Vacation Planning

How do I get my DatMan?

Sie sind an DatMan interessiert und finden nicht den “Hier Kaufen”-Button? Dafür gibt es eine ganz einfache Erklärung. Ihr DatMan wird für Sie individuell eingerichtet. Das bedeutet aber nicht, dass Sie jetzt wochenlang warten müssen. Nach Bestellung liefern wir Ihnen in wenigen Tagen Ihr DatMan. Was müssen Sie jetzt tun? Please contact us without any obligation and explain your requirements. Our team will handle your request immediately and will setup together with you a perfect DatMan.

What is the cost of DatMan?

Lizenz und Hosting wird monatlich benutzerabhängig berechnet. Für bspw. 5 Benutzer fallen Kosten von netto EUR 95,20 (inkl. 19% MwSt) monatlich an.

 How does DatMan work technically?

We have already added many elements to our system architecture to allow to configure functions by configuration.

Do you have any open questions?

Yes. We offer the following hosting options:

  • Colud (in German data centers)
  • On your server (Remote administration access required for updates and support)

No. The complete client application is stored in one Excel file.

Office 2013 and higher (no Office for Mac)

The only prerequisite is a MS Office installation for all users.

This depends on your requirements. Small szenarios can be made available within a few hours.

All our servers are run in German data centers. DatMan can also be installed on your servers.