A core element of DatMan is a central data store. During the creation of a DatMan instance a data model will be setup which is the base for all other functions. All Data from all Excel files will now be stored in a central place and only authorised users can work with this data. Your assets will no longer be lost in the Excel file jungle.

You will never again need to use Excel lookup functions as we store and retrieve all data in a central database. Access is restricted to valid values and data will be updated from different sources automatically.

Only authorised users can access and change data in DatMan. You will be surprised how fast you will use DatMan. And we gurantee that all users do see the same data and dialogs.

Sie können für jeden Benutzer Rollen festlegen, die seine Befugnisse für DatMan festlegen. Dadurch wird sicher gestellt, dass nur die Personen Zugriff auf Daten haben, die diese auch wirklich bearbeiten sollen. Keine Sorge. Natürlich gibt es auch Leserollen wenn auf Daten nur Lesend zugegriffen werden soll und eine Änderung ausgeschlossen werden soll. Die Rollen können beliebig konfiguriert werden, was Ihnen einen enormen Vorteil zu einem Excel bietet, was nur zentral gespeichert wird. 

We support you fast and are proud of our development speed. This is based o our business knowledge and long technical experience. You don't believe this? Please contact us and we will see that we can offer you a customized solution within a very short time. 

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DatMan combines the advantages of Excel and an advanced data model. This allows us to increase the data quality significantly. With Excel pivot tables, auto filters and copy&paste you will reach a new level of data quality.

You are running your business processes with SAP and do not want to maintain data twice? Don't worry! With the standard interfaces DatMan can retrieve the needed data from SAP or Salesforce and now you really have all data in one place. 

The simple usage of DatMan impresses oru customers. Many details make the work with DatMan special. You can navigate like in an internet browser. The navigation can be customised to fit your organisation. Filters allow to only see the essential data which you are interested in.

We put special emphasis on save your data in a secure and structured way. But you often need data in a flexible way for presentations and ad hoc analysis. With one click you will have your data in an Excel file. Your data will still be stored safely in DatMan. 

Many customers reported the need to see data in a transparent and clear way. DatMan can color code the data to spot immediately inconsistencies or areas where your action is needed. With one click you can see details and contact project members.

DatMan can simplify any automatic process: mails can be sent, workflows handled and data updated automatically. You have a need for automation? Don't hesitate to contact us to get your solution.

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What does all this mean for you?

Many organisations spend enormous ressource to consolidate data from different sources to make them available in a structured way. This problem will disappear with the usage of DatMan. Please find here the biggest advantages on one view:

  • all data is stored in a central location

  • all data is structured in the same way and easy to compare

  • each user can find the same data without problems

  • the same terms will be used. Never again misleading headings

  • all changes are executed real time

Do you have recognised use cases which you are struggle to run in an optimal way? Please contact us now. Describe your scenario (number of users, locations,) with some example data. We thank you in advance for the trust in us and hope that we can help you-